icon-designIn addition to valuable text and image content, the look and feel of a website is critical in providing a web experience that is beneficial for both the viewer and the site owner. Active Media Solutions offers custom designed web sites as well as other web design services to ensure the visual representation of your web presence is just right.

  • Web Design – The most common design work offered at Active Media Solutions, web design is an integral part in creating a great web presence. Whether we are customizing an existing CMS template, or creating a custom website design from scratch, we will work to create the perfect visual representation for your brand.
  • Logo Design – When just starting out as a small business, or a personal endeavor, creating that initial icon is important for moving forward with the rest of your goals. Active Media Solutions will put together a custom design package just for you to provide the right logo design solutions for you.
  • Branding – With so many media available for advertising and marketing, it is critical to make sure that your brand stays consistent with every application. Let Active Media Solutions help create your brand presence through logo, website, social media and print media design.